Lay Ministry

The Lay Shepherds Ministry

What is pastoral care? Dr. Mel Steinbron in his book, Can The Pastor Do It Alone, offers the following definition: “Pastoring is caring for another by giving one’s self in Christian love to a relationship in times of weakness and times of strength.” He goes on to add – “My definition assumes the following: everybody needs another who cares for him or her; the strength of caring is in the relationship; Christian love is a giving love; and, people need somebody who cares for them consistently, both when they are in need and when all is well” (p.39).

We of St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church have committed ourselves intentionally to such a ministry through men and women in the congregation. We praise God for each of the Lay Shepherds who has so lovingly, faithfully, and consistently ministered to their flock members! Though a congregation of many families, we are together ” a family.”  So we care for one another. We encourage anyone wanting to receive ministry from a Lay Shepherd to contact Pastor David Handsaker (515-460-2173). Also, anyone interested in knowing more about this ministry, can contact Pastor Handsaker to learn more about possibly becoming a Lay Shepherd. Don’t say “No!” until you have learned about it. Don’t say “Yes!” until you have prayed about it!