Sunday Services

October 2020

“Salvation As A Standardized Test” by Pastor David Handsaker 10/18/2020

Sermon Text: Acts 4:1-12



“The Bionic Christian” by Pastor David Handsaker 10/11/2020

Sermon Text: Acts 3:1-26



“Law, Gospel, Creation” by Pastor David Handsaker 10/4/2020

Sermon Text: Acts 2:22-47



September 2020

“Draft Day” by Pastor David Handsaker 9/27/2020

Sermon Text: Acts 2:1-21



“What To Do While We Wait” by Pastor David Handsaker 9/20/2020

Sermon Text: Acts 1:12-26




“God Rules The Entire Earth, But The Whole Earth Is Not The Kingdom Of God” by Pastor David Handsaker 9/13/2020

Sermon Text: Acts 1:1-11



“Simul Justus Et Peccator by Pastor David Handsaker 9/6/2020

Sermon Text: Romans 7:7-25





August 2020

“No One Has A Perfect Poker Face” by Pastor David Handsaker 8/30/2020

Sermon Text: Matthew 12:33-37



“Getting What You Deserve” by Pastor David Handsaker 8/23/2020

Sermon Text: 2 Samuel 22:21-29



“God’s Single Payer System” by Pastor David Handsaker 8/16/2020

Sermon Text: Romans 5:12-21



“God’s Bargain Price” by Pastor David Handsaker 8/9/2020

Sermon Text: 1 Chronicles 29:1-20




“What Happens When We See Clearly” by Pastor David Handsaker 8/2/2020

Sermon Text: Matthew 7:7-14



July 2020

“Leaving Yours For What God Will Show You” by Pastor Lyndon Korhonen 7/26/2020

Sermon Text: Genesis 12:1-9



“The Only Deal That Isn’t Too Good To Be True” by Pastor David Handsaker 7/19/2020

Sermon Text: Romans 3:21-31



“Setting Out On The Path Of Discipleship” by Pastor David Handsaker 7/12/2020

Sermon Text: John 1:35-51



“State: The Basics” by Pastor David Handsaker 7/5/2020

Sermon Text: Romans 13:1-7


June 2020

“Where Have All The Good Men Gone” by Pastor David Handsaker 6/28/2020

Sermon Text: Romans 2:1-16



“How’s Your Hearing?” by Pastor David Handsaker 6/21/2020

Sermon Text: Deuteronomy 6:1-9





“Jesus Is All We Need, Want, And Have” by Pastor David Handsaker 6/14/2020

Sermon Text: Luke 12:13-21




“Take Advantage Of What’s Yours” by Pastor David Handsaker 6/7/2020

Sermon Text: Hebrews 10:19-25




May 2020

“Pentecost & Beyond” by Pastor Jim Rasmussen 5/31/2020

Sermon Text: Acts 2:37-47



“It’s Time” by Pastor Jim Rasmussen 5/24/2020

Sermon Text: Matthew 28:16-20



“Scattered Yet United” by Pastor Jim Rasmussen 5/17/2020

Sermon Text: 1 Peter 1:1-5


“The Big Question” by Pastor Jim Rasmussen 05-10-2020

Sermon Text: John 17:11-26




“Jesus’ Prayer Life” by Pastor Jim Rasmussen 5/3/2020

Sermon Text: John 17: 1-8



April 2020

“Peter’s Reinstatement” by Pastor Jim Rasmussen 4/26/2020

Sermon Text: John 21:15-25



“God’s Amazing Love” by Pastor Jim Rasmussen 4/19/2020

Sermon Text: Acts 3:10-21



“Jesus Is Risen” by Pastor Jim Rasmussen 4/11/2020

Sermon Text: Luke 24:1-12



“Jesus’ Entry Into Jerusalem” by Pastor Jim Rasmussen 4/4/2020

Sermon Text: John 12:1-19


March 2020

“It Is All About The Cross” by Pastor David Tilney 3/29/2020

Sermon Text: Matthew 27:27-54


“Enduring Frail Faith” by Pastor David Tilney 3/22/2020

Sermon Text: John 6:16-21



“Cling To The Cross Of Christ” by Pastor David Tilney 3/15/2020

Sermon Text: John 18:28-19:16


“Denial” by Pastor David Tilney 3-8-2020

Sermon Text: Mark 14:26-31, 66-72


“Jesus Prevails Over Satan” by Pastor David Tilney 03-01-2020

Sermon Text: Matthew 4:1-11


February 2020

“Don’t Miss The Point” by Pastor David Tilney 02-23-2020

Sermon Text: Matthew 17:1-9


“Kingdom Life” by Pastor David Tilney 2/16/2020

Sermon Text: Matthew 5:20-37


“When The World Would Never Be The Same” by Pastor David Handsaker

Sermon Text: Hebrews 2:9-18


“The Persecuted Are Blessed” by Pastor David Tilney 2/2/2020

Sermon Text: Matthew 5:1-12


January 2020

“An Appeal For Unity” by Pastor David Tilney 1/26/2020

Sermon Text: 1 Corinthians 1:10-18


“Who Is Jesus?” by Pastor David Tilney 1/19/2020

Sermon Text: John 1: 29-41


“Pointing To Christ” by Pastor David Tilney 1/12/2020

Sermon Text: Luke 3:15-22


“Wise Men” by Pastor David Tilney 1/5/2020

Sermon Text: Matthew 2:1-12

December 2019

“Life Is Fleeting” by Pastor David Tilney 12/29/2019

Sermon Text: Psalm 39


“The Baby That Was More Than A Baby” by Pastor David Tilney 12/22/2019

Sermon Text: Matt. 1:18-25


“The Message Of His Birth” by Pastor David Tilney 12/15/2019

Sermon Text: Luke 2: 1-14


“The Moment Of His Birth” by Pastor David Tilney 12/8/2019

Sermon Text: Galations 4:4-7


November 2019

“Why Jesus Came” by Pastor David Tilney 11/24/2019

Sermon Text: Luke 19:1-10


“Approaching God” by Pastor David Tilney 11/17/2019

Sermon Text: Luke 18:9-14


“Persistence In Prayer” by Pastor David Tilney 11/10/2019

Sermon Text: Luke 18:1-8a


“Jesus, Our Devine Healer” by Pastor David Tilney 11/3/2019

Sermon Text: Luke 17:11-19


October 2019

“Increase Our Faith ” by Pastor David Tilney 10/27/2019

Sermon Text: Luke 17:1-10